NASS will collaborate with executive on tax reforms – Speaker Abbas

By Deborah Hassan

365Daily – The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Abbas Tajudeen, has assured that the House will work with the Executive and stakeholders to improve the administration and operation of Nigeria’s tax system.

He said this while speaking at the opening of a two-day retreat on fiscal policy and tax reforms on Thursday.

Emphasising the importance of tax reforms, which he noted are already integrated into the Legislative Agenda of the 10th House, he stated, “Over the years, the National Assembly has responded proactively to these issues and promoted economic reforms emphasising the ease of doing business.

“We in the 10th House of Representatives intend to work with the Executive and stakeholders to improve the coherence of our tax system, both in terms of administration and operation.”

Speaker Abbas further outlined the intention to provide legislative incentives, such as tax breaks, to encourage innovation and stimulate job creation and export growth.

He stressed the importance of supporting the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) to enhance economic cooperation and growth, adding that the House will also simplify the tax system, reduce multiple taxation and offer incentives for critical growth sectors.

The Speaker also reiterated the House’s commitment to collaborating with the Senate to tackle the nation’s challenges through appropriate legislative frameworks and measures.


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