Vision / Mission

Mission Statement

365 Daily is coming at a very tenuous time in our nation’s history. A time when as a people, we are not only deeply fragmented, polarised and tethering on the precipice, but also gravely challenged by leadership deficit.

Across all strata of governance – local, state and national – instead of seeking ingenious ways of welding the disparate parts together, We, as a People are rather confronted with ignoble policies and programmes which further widen the gulf between the haves and the have-not.

Given the role of news management in redirecting societies towards order and progress, 365 Daily’s grand entry is, therefore, intended to help chart a new course: Standing Up for Nigeria, by sticking to the grand principles of Truth, Fairness and Equity in our handling of news and analysis arising therefrom.

In doing so, no individual, interest group or filial consideration would be allowed to supersede the National Interest, hence our motto: News uncensored!

Welcome to our World.

Vision Statement

To be the most influential, informative and reliable online newspaper, by preserving, serving and seeking for the unity, uplift, peace and development of Nigeria.

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