Haulage firm faults Benue Gov’t for impounding its trucks for over 112 days

We were surprised that 15 trucks of our company were impounded on March 15 and to our greatest shock, because we saw no justification

A haulage firm, BHM and Custodial Energy Resource Limited, has stated that keeping it out of business more than 111 days as done by the Benue State government is highly unjustifiable and totally unacceptable.

The company equally expressed deep worry over the attitude exhibited by a government that is supposed to uphold the rule of law by unlawfully impounding its 15 trucks currently in the state for a business trip without any justifiable reason.

Speaking to journalists while reacting to the development which occurred at Adikpo in Kwande Local Government Area of the state since March 14, representative of the firm, Joshua Fiyebo, described as shocking that since the company has been lifting materials for its client Long River Mining Company, it is having this experience for the first time.

He further explained that before his organization went into business with the mining company, it ascertained every of its status including license and taxes, stressing that all were proven to be in good shape.

“We were surprised that 15 trucks of our company were impounded on March 15 and to our greatest shock, because we saw no justification”, Fiyebo told journalists, denying equally that trucks of his company were doing illegal business in the state and clarified further that its trucks as well as drivers are properly licensed contrary to insinuations in some quarters.

He said on getting the information, the company forwarded all documents including truck registration, licenses of vehicles and drivers as well as the companies tax papers needed to operate within the confines of Nigeria including evidence of tax from Benue Internal Revenue Service, BIRS, recalling that after all the checks, the BIRS Chairman instructed that the trucks be released but wondered why the police are still holding the vehicles.

According to the BHM and Custodial Energy Resource Limited representative, after BIRS had cleared the company’s 15 vehicles, lamenting that he brought vulcanizing to pump the tyres for the vehicles to be removed but the vulcanizer was arrested on the orders of the DPO in Adikpo with his working tools equally ceased and stated that he suspected fowl play.

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