11 Nigerian priests commissioned for mission in Europe, America

The commissioned priests have been exposed to the pastoral realities of their future ministry in Europe and America.

By Ife Osemedua

365Daily – 11 Nigerian priests across 5 Catholic dioceses in Nigeria have been commissioned for pastoral ministry to some countries in Europe and America.

This was disclosed in the Vatican News on Wednesday, June 19, 2024.

The priests concluded the 2024 Mission Orientation programme with a missioning Mass organised by the Department of Mission and Dialogue, Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria (CSN) in Abuja during the week.

The orientation course is a preparation and sensitisation programme for Nigerian priests who are earmarked for mission in other countries.

In his homily at the Mass, the Secretary General of CSN, Fr. Zachariah Nyantiso Samjumi, who celebrated the Mass on behalf of the Episcopal Chairman, Mission and Dialogue, Bishop Stephen Mamza, stated that Jesus, during his earthly ministry, focused on revealing the mystery of the Kingdom to humankind.

He added that the presence of love, justice, and mercy are the definitive characteristics of the Kingdom of God, clearly seen in Christ’s mission on earth.

The Secretary General said the orientation course was vital because it prepared the priests being sent out for their missionary assignments. He also affirmed that the commissioned priests have been exposed to the pastoral realities of their future ministry in Europe and America.

Advising the missionaries to remain good witnesses to the fact that the Church is alive in Africa and that the Kingdom of God will not diminish but will continue to grow, Fr. Samjumi, presiding over the commissioning rite. He invoked God’s blessings upon those being sent-out so that their efforts and missionary vocation would see them through in the various places of assignments.

In his remarks at the same Mass, the Director, Department of Mission and Dialogue, CSN, Fr. Joseph Nomhwange, SMA, appreciated the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) for organising an excellent programme that prepares priests for the mission.

Fr. Nomhwange observed that what was happening was, in fact, a testament to the growth of the Church in Nigeria. He also alluded to the importance of responding to wherever there was a need for priests so that God’s people all over the world would continue to hear the Gospel message of Christ.


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