Cooking marathon for two weeks has not been easy – Chef RossyG

The Edo-born Nigerian chef, Rosemary Grace Igbadume, popularly known as RossyG, embarked on cooking marathon since March 10 and she is expecting to set a new record of 21 days cook-a-thon. In this interview with MOSES OKORIE in Abuja, she gave account of the journey so far. Except:

Good afternoon RossyG. For how long have you been in this exercise?
I have been cooking for two weeks now and I have just one more week to accomplish my 21 days cooking marathon.

How has it been?
For these two weeks, I have not slept; it is continues cooking. I have to stand all through; muscle pull, swollen legs, dizziness. It has not been easy, but God has been sustaining me.

Do you have any regret embarking on this cook-a-thon journey?
I don’t have any regret; Nigerians are behind me, they are supporting me in what I am doing. So I don’t think I have any regret.

Have people been coming here to express pleasure in what you are doing?
Sure! Every day, people come to cheer me up, congratulating me and to encourage me not to give up.

Are people coming here to eat your food?
Yes! You know we are in the northern part of Nigeria and Muslims are doing their fasting now. So, some of them come early morning to eat before starting their fast. They are happy doing that, and I am also happy with what they are doing. I am actually using this avenue to reach out to the less-privileged. Honestly, people in this area are very happy. Sometimes we package food and take it to orphanage homes around, so as to extend hand of fellowship to them also.

Having come this far, do you see yourself pushing to the end?
I see myself pushing to the end, because the encouragement I am receiving from Nigerians, and with God on my side, I see myself pressing to the end.

What about your state government, Ministry of FCT, Women Affairs, and others, are they aware of what you are doing?
We reached out to some of them even before I started this exercise and I am optimistic. I believe, with time, they will identify with me.

What is your call to government and Nigerians in general?
Please I need your support. It is not too late to give your support. Nigerians should support me in any way they can.

Where are you getting money to buy foodstuff and to do other expenses?
My immediate family, especially my husband. They are good people. My husband is the real odogwu. He has been standing beside me in all ramification. I am short of words to express my gratitude.

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