Don’t hinder progress, Ndiomu charges protesting ex-agitators 

He advised them to be patient as efforts are being made to address their grievances.

By Ife Osemedua 

365Daily – The Interim Administrator of PAP, Maj. Gen. Barry Tariye Ndiomu, has cautioned the ex-agitators who were at the National Assembly to protest for their unconscionable conduct.

According to him, such actions would only discourage or slow down the wheel of progress.

Gen. Ndiomu made his opinion known to the leadership of the ex-agitator when he met with them at the conference room of PAP shortly after the protest.

He explained that he is making a deliberate effort to ensure that the ex-agitators live a more fruitful and purposeful life through robust investment opportunities.

It is sad, he said, that the ex-agitators prefer to depend on a monthly handout.

He, however, advised them to be patient as efforts are being made to address their grievances.

Gen. Ndiomu added that he is working assiduously to effect a more sustainable mode of income generation for them in the long term.

Aso Tambou, one of the leaders of the phase 2 group who also participated in the protest, apologised profusely for their misconduct.

He attributed their action to the misinformation peddled by some of their colleagues.

Tambou noted that they never knew that the Interim Administrator had laudable plans in the pipeline to uplift their standard of living in the long term.

He observed that there is a communication gap between the PAP and the ex-agitators that needed to be bridged.

This, he noted, was largely responsible for their action.

They promised to show more understanding and care in their actions going forward.

Others who spoke equally apologised to the Interim Administrator for their ineffectual act of indiscretion.

The leaders declared that they will pass on the good news to their followers and associates in the creeks.

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