‘I only identified houses of victims’, says alleged Bayelsa ‘kidnap kingpin’ nabbed in Abuja

Speaking with journalists, Lyon Ewa said he received N1.5 million and N3.5 million for showing the kidnappers the houses of his victims, while denying that he was the leader of the gang.

Lyon Ewa was arrested by officers of operation Puff Adder in Abuja on Saturday, September 24, 2022, over the kidnap of his former boss, Danjuma Emeije, who is a bank manager in Yenagoa. He reportedly paid a N50 million ransom before regaining his freedom.

He was also reportedly involved in the kidnap of one Hakeem.

However, he denied membership of the kidnap syndicate, claiming that his mother was in the hospital during the operation which took place on June 30, 2022.

“I’m not part of it [operations], I was misled to show them where this person is. I wasn’t involved in it,” he said.

“I’m not in the business [kidnap], I didn’t approach Danjuma, I only went there to open an account.”

“I didn’t play any role in Hakeem’s kidnap, I just showed them his house. We were driving and I pointed to the house. It was my former boss’s house, that was it,” he added.

One of his alleged accomplice identified as Emma, claimed that Ewa brought the Danjuma and Hakeem kidnap proposal to him and other gang members

“He is lying. I didn’t give him money, it wasn’t me that gave him money. I don’t know those people from anywhere. He is the one that worked with them, I don’t know anything about them,” he said.

“He was the one that brought the Hakeem and Danjuma jobs. If anyone can reason, someone that brought a job would have more money than any other person, so why is he lying?

“He brought the job…. [saying] that they sacked him from work and they have money, so let’s kidnap them. Heaven knows I know nothing about those people.”

He gained popularity over his social media posts where he displayed luxurious items and bragged about his success.

In a Facebook post published on April 27, 2020, he told his followers to keep working hard and “stay safe”.

“Nothing good ever cames(sic) from too many people knowing your business. Being private and lowkey is the best way to be.#Hustle Hard #stay safe,” he wrote.


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