Opinion – Igwebuike: Catalyst for socio-economic engineering

By 365Daily

Over the years, the consistent clamour by the electorates for good governance, particularly in the developing world like Nigeria, have created diverse interests in some quarters as political “wannabes” thronged and flooded the arena with sophist approach to solving the lingering leadership problem that bedeviled the country.

Good governance demands socio-economic factors which include income, community safety education, wealth creation/employment and the influence as it correlate to other factors as indices to measure economic growth.

At the recently concluded 52nd meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the world leaders called for a creative approach to dealing with critical global challenges. These include climate change and poor economic development. The unanimous decision held was that nations should invest in their people by identifying new and better approaches towards containing critical developmental challenges.

Consequently, the visionary Sen. Andy Ubah, #Igwebuike, is poised and posited to build a greater Anambra with sustainable strategies for human and infrastructural development to restore and re-engineer all sectors with proven systematic methods.

Driven by excellence, #Igwebuike, with his track record as a grassroot builder, mercurial manager and technocrat with vast knowledge and experience in public/private administration, will ensure transparency and accountability in the running the affairs of the state.

Sen. Andy Ubah’s outstanding motions while in the Senate was proof of his proactive plans for economic development given that Nigeria, particularly Anambra, is an import driven economy.

As Anambra, being the commercial nerve centre in the South East of Nigeria, used to pride itself in innovative and technological development, #Igwebuike will restore the dwindling human capacity building and resource development in the aforementioned sectors and more.

During #Igwebuike administration, there shall be simultaneous development advancement in Anambra State as his unbreakable social contract with the people.

This involves consistent interaction and extensive inclusiveness of the major stakeholders in the public/private sectors, communities and progressive organisations as a responsive government; albeit for assessment, feedback, and improvement.

Igwebuike is exemplified by the creation of systems that will ensure holistic approach managed by seasoned experts and professionals that will build and maintain institutions and infrastructures for socio-economic emancipation.

Sustainable policies, however, hold the key to unlock untapped potentials in different sectors as technocrats will lead economic team. The team will be saddled with the task to review, replan, revive, and create robust economy.

The dynamic policies will be designed to accommodate and protect progressive socio-political and religious interests.

  1. Ndị Anambra, it is evident that #Igwebuike is the only vehicle to drive good governance with enormous benefits.

Sen. Andy Ubah is coming!

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